There’s nothing like making music in a group: the collaboration with other musicians, the creation of a common goal, the balance of the ensemble, the consideration of the repertoire…

However, this pleasant picture is far from being the day-to-day experience of most musicians, for whom individual work is the norm and working together the exception.

How can we find a point of encounter between solo work and working in a group?

Especially for repertoire accompanied by piano (although without excluding other options), pre-recorded accompaniments (also known as karaokes) may become a valuable support for your vocal or instrumental practice.



10 REASONS TO USE A (good quality) KARAOKE

1) As you become familiar with the musical accompaniment, it enables you to understand the music as a whole.

2) You get used to following another musician, instead of being followed by them.

3) It helps you to improve intonation.

4) It invites you to play the work without interruption.

5) Your study time becomes more fun.

6) It forces you to establish a proper balance with the musical accompaniment.

7) You can use it to sing or play in any event.

8) When you use a program to change the speed, it challenges you to ask yourself about the most appropriate tempo.

9) You save money, because you don’t depend on the répétiteur during the initial stage of study.

10) It invites you to become familiar with new technologies: downloading files, creating musical libraries, using different kinds of software and apps, configuring speakers…

Karaokes bring great benefits, don’t they?

What is your experience with them? I would like to know!